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ISI is the only chamber company that both manufactures its own products and sells to its customers through national distribution. Our trained sales reps work in the field to provide product, installation and technical support.

Our systems are approved in all 50 states and all 10 Canadian provinces with up to a 50% smaller footprint as compared to stone and pipe systems. There are over 1.5 million Infiltrator systems installed and more than 42 million chambers in-ground worldwide. Our systems have stood the test of time with a history of performance since 1987. Today, one in four septic systems in the U.S. is an Infiltrator chamber system.

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Current AZDEQ Aquifer Protection Permits, R18-9-E302.4.02

Disposal field using chamber technology. An applicant shall:
a. If leaching chambers are proposed instead of trenches or beds installed with distribution pipes, calculate an equivalent effective chamber absorption area to size the disposal field area and the number of chambers needed. The effective absorption area of each chamber is calculated as follows:

A=(1.80 x AW x L) + (2 x V x L)

i. "A" is the effective absorption area of each chamber
ii. "AW" is the actual width of the open bottom absorption surface of the chamber
iii. "V" is the vertical height of the chamber sidewall, and
iv. "L" is the length of the chamber

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